Impact of Support

Private giving has helped support The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center continue to serve the University of Maryland, the greater community and the state of Maryland.

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The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center is building the future of the arts by educating, training and mentoring the next generation of artists and creative innovators. Scholarships are essential to eliminating the financial barrier to a quality education.

Your support of scholarships helps to ensure the future of the performing arts and make The Clarice the place for fearless ideas and creative possibility.

My scholarship has opened the door to many more opportunities than I would have originally thought possible. I am able to immerse myself and devote time to being a contributing part of this program as well as attend more performances. The scholarship has lifted a significant burden off of myself and I am truly grateful for the support. It has brought me one step closer to making my dreams in the arts a reality.

— JENAY NAIMA MCNEIL, '14, BA in Theatre

Artist Partner Programs

The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center is educating, mentoring and presenting the next generation of artists and creative innovators. As part of the College of Arts and Humanities, The Clarice is deeply committed to developing artistic partnerships and creating new work to build community and advance knowledge and understanding of our world. Unique among arts centers, The Clarice is designed to break through traditional boundaries in art-making and audience experience. It's a hub of innovation and possibility that blends the resources and talents of the School of Music; the School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies; the Artist Partner Programs and the Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library.


The Clarice is committed to deepening relationships between artists, campus and our local community through extended artist residencies, which may span several weeks or a whole semester, and may involve multiple visits over multiple seasons or a full year of living in the community. Each of our visiting artists provides opportunities for engagement far beyond performances through events such as workshops, pre- and post-performance discussions, master classes, blogs, community engagement initiatives and open rehearsals.

Commissioning of New Works of Art

A major research university contributes to the store of human knowledge. The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center makes that happen through the commissioning of new work, which serves to unlock the creative process. Commissioning allows for experimentation and failure, all with the ultimate purpose of advancing the arts and the audience experience.

This project is requiring physical, emotional and intellectual energy like none I have ever been involved in.

— NIKKY FINNEY, on the development of the Clarice-commissioned poem, The Battle Of and For the Black Face Boy

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