Program Stuffers

Here are the guidelines for properly preparing and submitting a program stuffer.

Do you need a stuffer?

You should make every effort to avoid having a program stuffer unless you're planning a survey, questionnaire or other form that must be completed by a guest.

In many cases, you can work with Publications to add placeholder content to the program books and provide the actual content when you get it.

  • Do you have time to add content to the program book? Contact, if you aren't sure.
  • Could your information be posted in the lobby and/or announced from the stage? This option is preferred for most situations, including changes in roles and timing.
  • Do you have enough time to prepare, format, edit and print your stuffer? Our stuffers must meet our publications standards, which takes time and consideration. Keep in mind that Guest Experience needs time to actually stuff the programs too!
  • Do you have a survey, questionnaire or other form that needs to be completed and turned in? Yes, you need a stuffer!

Need a stuffer? Alert Guest Experience.

If you've determined that you need a stuffer, you should alert GX as soon as possible so that staff can be on hand to do the stuffing.

Please email and include the following:

  • The event name
  • The date(s) of the event
  • How and when you will deliver the stuffer:
    • Electronic file: Due 48 hours prior to first performance date
    • Printed and folded/cut stuffers: Due six hours prior to first performance date. You should make arrangements to pick up the stuffer paper too.
  • How the stuffers should be distributed:
    • In program books: This is the traditional method of inserting the stuffers into the program books.
    • On a table in the lobby: To save on labor costs, we put the stuffers on a table in the lobby, letting interested guests take them.

Prepare your stuffer

Let's get started! Complete the following steps to properly prepare your stuffer.

Download the appropriate template.

These Microsoft Word templates are configured to ensure your content prints appropriately, without overlapping content with the pre-printed content on the stuffer sheets.

  • Half Sheet: Two stuffers per sheet of paper. Perfect for most stuffers.
    • Clarice Smith Center - Half Sheet
    • SOM/TDPS - Half Sheet
  • Full Sheet: Folds to create a booklet. Perfect for large amounts of content.
    • Clarice Smith Center - Full Sheet
    • SOM/TDPS - Full Sheet

Add your content

The templates contain text boxes in which you should add your content. 

To assist you, the text boxes are lightly outlined. After you add your content, please remove the outline so that it will not print.

Format your content

You should format your content to match the program book in which it will be stuffed. 

For detailed formatting information, please download the current Graphics and Editorial Guidelines

Here are some common formatting issues to consider:

  • Typefaces:
    • Sans Serif: Tw Cen
    • Serif: Adobe Garamond Pro
    • Alternative if above are not available: Arial
  • Text sizes:
    • Header One: 14pt
    • Header Two: 12pt
    • Header Three: 11pt
    • Regular Text: 10pt
    • Small Text: 9pt
  • Dates:
    • General Format: Day, Month, DD, YYYY . HH:MMPM
    • Example One: Thursday, October 17, 2013 . 8PM
    • Example Two: Thursday, October 17, 2013 . 7:30PM
  • Other:
    • Use single spaces after periods.
    • Use single spaces on each side of en and em dashes.
    • All copy must be flush left (Left justified)
    • The Guest Experience office prints in grayscale only. No color!

Proof your stuffer

  • Spelling?
  • Grammar?
  • Text box outline removed?
  • Proper formatting?

Submit your stuffer to Guest Experience