BlackLight Summit: Keep the Light On Performance Series

BlackLight Summit: Keep the Light On Performance Series

Friday, February 4, 2022 & Saturday, February 5, 2022

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About the Event

The BlackLight Summit’s Keep the Light On Performance Series features work from award-winning artists Kayla Farrish, Baye & Asa, Greg David and Charlie Maybee-Ferrel, who innovate and activate the unimagined possibilities within dance performance.


Did it Hurt? By Baye & Asa
Commercial advertising is designed to make us feel inadequate. Heteronormative advertising campaigns tell men that they are weak, small, balding and flaccid. This duet confronts the violent fallout of this targeted marketing.

ebonibleu in: I Think You Should Leave by Greg David
It’s about to get ugly. And we’ve been here before. From prayer, to grief. Through despair, to the break. It’s a cycle and a cycle and a cycle that ends only to begin, leading right back to the precipice. And then again. This piece captures a cycle of despair and release.

Protologism by Charlie Maybee
A protologism (noun) describes a word that has been coined in the hope that it will become accepted into common usage. It’s an invention, a bit of linguistic creativity which has not yet made it into public discourse but aspires to gradually squeeze its way into general usage through attempts to literally spread the word. An ‘unofficial’ word; a ‘pre’-word. Choreographed by Charlie Maybee, Protologism explores the linguistic and conversational infrastructures embedded in tap dance technique. Set within a fictional universe where the use of verbal speech results in bodily decay, two dancers experiment with tap dance as an alternative form of physio-musical communication to navigate this new post-speech world.

To Dream a Lifetime by Kayla Farrish
Kayla, as the character Ruby, steps out onto a desolate country road. Stumbling through the yellow high grasses she goes to meet her ancestors on a path across time leading her to meet herself and her power. This is a magical realism story discovered through short film, cinematic dance theater, text and a live solo performance journey. She learns what it is to shed, release and to fully feel.

About the BlackLight Summit

The Clarice’s BlackLight Summit aims to activate the unimagined possibilities in dance–it is a convening that envisions dance as a conduit to galvanize resilience and inventiveness. Returning for a second year, the 2022 summit explores three fundamental inquiries: “What/who are we becoming?” “How do we return to one another?” and “Does progress equal healing?” Throughout the 2021–22 season, the BlackLight Summit will continue to foster community connection by facilitating a series of mentoring and professional development opportunities, conversations and performances.