Workshop with Cappella Pratensis: Singing from a Renaissance Choirbook

Singing from a Renaissance Choirbook

Workshop with Cappella Pratensis
Thursday, October 19, 2017 . 5:30 PM
Workshop with Cappella Pratensis: Singing from a Renaissance Choirbook
Photo by Hans Morren

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This performance will last approximately 1 hour with no intermission

The vocal ensemble Cappella Pratensis (the chapel of singers of the prairie, from Judocus Pratensis or Josquin des Prez or Josquin from the prairie), founded in 1987, sings Franco-Flemish music from the period between 1450 and 1600. During that time, composers such as Josquin Desprez, Jean Mouton, Pierre de La Rue, Jacob Clemens non Papa, Johannes Ockeghem and Guillaume Du Fay dominated the musical landscape of much of Europe. Cappella presents ongoing special programs and original designs, singing in churches and chapels around the world. Distinctive to their concerts is their singing from facsimiles of the original choirbooks (with the original notation) set on a stand.

Cappella Pratensis will give a workshop open to the public. They will demonstrate how they sing from choir books with original notation, discuss Renaissance vocal performance practice and answer questions about their career. Those present may have a chance to sing! Light refreshments will be available following the workshop.

Cappella Pratensis will also be holding a performance entitled Missa Lutherana on Friday, October 20th at 8pm. Tickets on sale now.