Friday, March 28, 2014 . 7PM & 9PM

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In late 2011, acclaimed East African vocalist & songwriter Somi decided to move from New York City to Lagos, Nigeria for 18 months in search of new inspiration. The result: a new album she calls The Lagos Music Salon that will be released in April 2014 as her major label debut on Sony Music/Okeh.

The album which features special guests Angelique Kidjo and Common draws it material from the tropical city's boastful cosmopolitanism, urgent inspiration, and giant spirit - straddling the worlds of African jazz, soul and pop with a newfound ease and a voice that Vogue Magazine simply calls "Superb!"

The Lagos Music Salon is a highly anticipated follow up to the young singer's last studio album, If The Rains Come First (ObliqSound) — a stunning collection of self-penned story-based songs which debuted at #2 on the Billboard World Chart, and featured her long-time mentor & legendary trumpet player Hugh Masekela. The Boston Globe proclaims the album "glistens with the sheen of an almost impossibly perfect cosmopolitanism." Singing in English and a wide range of African languages, her artistic evolution is indisputable.

In her heart of hearts, she is an East African girl who loves family, poetry, and freedom.

New concert experience!

We’ll transform the Kogod Theatre with table seating. Relax with a drink from the bar and let Somi take you away.

Preview by The Gazette

“I allowed myself to honor all of the musical influences in my life. My vocal range can be quiet, loud, brash, sweet, dirty, and I wanted to be able to do all of those things. My life is layered, so I think what excites me is I’ve really allowed myself to honor that.”

— KIRSTY GROFF, The Gazette, March 25, 2014