UMD Faculty Dance Concert: Falling Forward

UMD Faculty Dance Concert

Falling Forward
November 15-17, 2013
Falling Forward
Photo by Zachary Z. Handler
Principal People: 

Director Paul D. Jackson

Event Attributes

Estimated Length: 
1 hour and 15 minutes with no intermission
Program Notes: 

Stupid is a Bad Word.

Choreographers Adriane Fang and Colleen Thomas

Stupid is a Bad Word. is a collaborative duet created and performed by Barnard College professor Colleen Thomas and UMD professor Adriane Fang.

The work references quirks of childhood, while moments of whimsy and humor hint at the working relationship between these old friends.


Directors Nick Bryson and Sharon Mansur

The INSERT [ ] HERE project is a collaborative and improvisationally based dance work co-directed by Irish contemporary dance artist Nick Bryson and UMD Dance Professor Sharon Mansur.

The IH project employs imaginative notions of insertion within kinetic, aural and visual realms. For this concert, two sections will be shared: an evocative solo performed by Sharon Mansur, and an affecting and visually striking group work performed by UMD undergraduate students. An original sound score by DC area experimental sound artist Tara Rodgers adds to the transformative potential of a meditative environment.

The Bench Quartet (1986)

Choreographer Doug Varone
Staged by Adriane Fang

The Bench Quartet was created by renowned choreographer Doug Varone. Premiered at Performance Space 122 on September 29, 1986, it was created for the first performance of Doug Varone and Dancers and is an excerpt from a larger work entitled “Cantata 78/Every Waking Hour.”

The quartet has remained in the repertory since its creation and has become a hallmark work for the company. Based on a created gestural language that parallels the libretto, the work has been taught to and performed by over 30 college and professional repertory companies around the world. In collaboration with the School of Music, this rendition of the work features live performances by singers Teresa Hitchcock and Suzanne Karpov from the Maryland Opera Studio.


Choreographer Alvin Mayes

Kincerto is a dance work mirroring the concerto form. It is a collaboration with Lighting Designer Paul D. Jackson, Costume Designer Robert Croghan (MFA student in Design) and choreographer Alvin Mayes.

The work is created to four songs from Chants d'Auvergne by Joseph Canteloube, and features MFA dance student Julia Smith with 10 corps dancers.