State of Black Leadership

State of Black Leadership

Red, White, and Black: Being Black in America
Wednesday, November 13, 2013 . 7-9PM
State of Black Leadership
Artwork provided by NAACP
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This performance takes place at the Ulrich Recital Hall, which is not located in the Clarice Smith Center. Ulrich Recital Hall is located in Tawes Hall.

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The State of Black Leadership is a panel series held every November where a pre-selected panel of prominent University of Maryland faculty, staff and students, as well as local and national speakers join together in a panel discussion addressing issues that affect the Black community.

This year's topic is "Red, White, and Black: Being Black in America." In choosing this theme, we hope to encourage a healthy dialogue about modern day Black America. More specifically, we hope to address problems concerning the black community, family, child, man and woman.

Please bring a lightly used coat that you would like to donate to our coat drive. We will collect them at the door.