Erica Bondarev Rapach

Associate Executive Director
Erica Lee Bondarev
Erica Bondarev Rapach photo by Nichole Haun

I am a collaborative and adaptive leader with a background in experiential marketing and executive management. Committed to inclusiveness, consensus-building, and bettering our world, I am at my best when building brands, cultivating communities, and empowering people across levels and labels who make the work happen.

I believe in data-driven business decisions, am strategically minded, and adept at untangling complex situations. I am always striving to build and cultivate equitable administrative practices and am drawn to organizations that advance social justice, both internally and externally. I am on a personal and professional journey to dismantle systems of oppression. I value service and experiential learning.

I have lived overseas and outside my comfort zone. I am fluent in Russian, studying Portuguese, and the mother of two bicultural daughters who are creative and nonconforming. I am organized, motivated, enthusiastic, and inherently optimistic. My natural state is not sitting still, but I know the importance of rest and rejuvenation. I practice moving meditation on my yoga mat and rely on travel to reset.

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