Creation Residencies

Winter Guests: Simulacrum. Photo by Martin Flack.

Creation Residencies at The Clarice give artists venue time and production resources to develop new work in a collaborative and teaching relationship with University of Maryland students. 

Projects are chosen based on whether the subject matter or themes of the performance are connected to contemporary social issues relevant to Clarice audiences or the larger world.

Projects developed during Creation Residencies may be presented in a future Visiting Artist Series season at The Clarice, but potential for future presentation isn’t guaranteed or required as a condition of participation.

Campus and Community engagement: teaching and student collaboration

The Clarice’s approach to campus and community engagement is centered on a commitment to supporting the creative processes of artists as they explore and develop context for their work. The Clarice's engagement team can enhance a Creation Residency by bringing people into the artistic process who can inform content, generate material, tell relevant stories and/or provide needed information that buoys the creative research artists embark upon when making new work. 

Participation by undergraduate and graduate students in the School of Music and the School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies as well as other areas of the University is also encouraged when subject matter or technology needs of the project are relevant to their learning and their involvement can enhance the work. 

Production Resources

The Clarice has a full complement of theatrical production shops on site. This includes but is not limited to: a Technology Shop (lighting, audio, projections), a Scene Shop (paint, properties, scenery), a Costume Shop (crafts, wardrobe, costumes). These shops are staffed by both professional and student technicians. Depending on what stage of development a project is in when it is at The Clarice for a Creation Residency, Production can support the project by building elements of the show, preparing it for tour, or giving artists the ability to experiment with different technologies.

Documentation / Performance

Artists are strongly encouraged to culminate the residency in a performance showing, feedback session, or other representation of the work-in-progress. The Clarice can make connections to local audiences as well as the artistic community in the DC/MD/VA area to attend sessions and provide feedback in the form most helpful to the project. In addition, The Clarice can assist in documenting the project through video/audio recording and photography, and in inviting interested presenters, funders or other stakeholders important to the future of the project.  


Creative Residencies last one to three weeks, based on the needs of the project, and typically take place in July, August or January. At least one in-person, advance visit by the artist or technical representative of the company is required during the planning process prior to the beginning of the residency.

The Clarice provides financial support designed to offset the costs of travel, per diem, and housing, calculated based on the number of individual artists and technicians participating, and the length of the residency. Production resources, venue rental and labor are all provided without cost to the artist, but subject to limitations in scope determined during the planning process with The Clarice. 

The Clarice considers the financial support for Creation Residencies to be commissioning funds, and should be credited as a commissioning partner. Artists are encouraged to apply other funding support to supplement that available from The Clarice.

How To Apply

Information coming soon. 

For questions or further information, contact Jane Hirshberg, Assistant Director, Campus & Community Engagement

Projects Developed in Creation Residencies at The Clarice: 

2014 - Nichole Canuso Dance Company / Early Morning Opera: Pandæmonium
2015 - Camille A. Brown & Dancers: BLACK GIRL: Linguistic Play
2015 - Winter Guests: Simulacrum
2016 - The Civilians: The Undertaking
2017 - Silencio Blanco: La Pergolera
2017 - Somi: Dreaming Zenzile
2018 - Porte Parole: The Assembly
2019 - Smoke and Mirrors Collaborative: The Black History Museum...According to the United States of America