Artist Partner Program

The Artist Partner Program at The Clarice curates a multi-arts performance with regional, national and international artists and creative innovators program dedicated to creating performance and learning opportunities for students and our community through artist residencies workshops, master classes, K-12 student matinees and artistic exchange. We believe artists can be a catalyst for community change, leadership and empowerment.

As part of a major public research university, the Artist Partner Program is committed to the creation and investigation of new work and new ways of participating in the performing arts.

The Artist Partner Program has three primary missions:

  • To supplement and extend the academic learning and investigation of the classroom for UMD students;
  • To provide artistic and cultural opportunities as part of the UMD experience for students, faculty, staff, alumni and university friends;
  • To enhance and develop the artistic and cultural ecology of the community that surrounds and supports the university.



The 2017 Visiting Artist Series is supported in part by a grant from the Maryland State Arts Council