Meet Our Donors

We’re asking our donors to support an approach to the arts in higher education that is pushing boundaries… their willingness to go on that journey with us is critical to our future.

Your support truly​ makes a difference.

The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center would like to thank its donors: individuals and organizations who support the performing arts at the University of Maryland, which includes the School of Music, School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies, Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library, and the Center’s Visiting Artist Program.

Individual donors

Maryland Society

The Maryland Society acknowledges individuals and families who have made lifetime contributions of $100,000 or more to the University of Maryland. We would like to recognize and extend our gratitude to those members who have so generously invested in the performing arts at this level and beyond! We applaud your commitment and generosity!

$1,000,000 and above
Anonymous (3)
Mr. & Mrs. Howard M. Bender
The Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation
†Marvin & †Elsie Dekelboum
Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Fischell
The Hon. Joseph B. & Alma Gildenhorn
†Ina & †Jack Kay
†Constance Keene
Robert & Arlene Kogod
Charles E. Smith Family Foundation
†Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Smith
Robert H. Smith Family Foundation
$100,000 – $999,999
Anonymous (1)
Mrs. Mary Lee Anderson
†Malvina Balogh
Gail Berman-Masters & Bill Masters
†Estate of Daniel Boyd
Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Dukes Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Carl Fichtel
Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Fischell
Mr. John Charles Ford & Dr. Sandra S. Poster
†Charles Fowler Jr.
Ann & Gordon Getty Foundation
The Honorable & Mrs. Kingdon Gould
Jane Henson Foundation
†Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth M. Herman
Chancellor & Mrs. William E. Kirwan
†Estate of Dr. Dorothy G. Madden
Mr. & Ms. Richard E. Marriott
Dr. & Mrs. C.D. Mote, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Mulitz
†Michael Naida
†Mr. Marshall Ocker
†Mr. & †Mrs. Nathan Patz
Dr. Marilyn Berman Pollans & Mr. Albert A. Pollans
†Barb & Charlie Reiher
Philip R. & Brenda Brown Rever
†Estate of Victor Rice
Nora Roberts Foundation
†Henry Z. & Polly Z. Steinway
Dr. Sam Steppel
†Mr. & Mrs. George Tretter
Dr. & Mrs. William B. Walters
Dr. & Mrs. Bruce D. Wilson

We applaud your commitment and generosity!

Founders Society

The Founders Society at the University of Maryland honors all benefactors, living and deceased, whose gifts through will, trust, or other planned gifts — such as a charitable gift annuity, charitable remainder trust, charitable lead trust, life insurance, etc. — help to ensure the excellence of the University and its programs. We would like to recognize and express our deep appreciation to those members for their foresight and commitment to the future of The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center and to the performing arts at Maryland.

For more information, please contact Edward Lewis at 301.405.8178.

Founders Society
Anonymous (3)
†Dr. Rolfe L. Allen
Mr. & Mrs. Harvey A. Alperin
Bernard & Jane Auerbach
Dr. Robert L. Bennett & Mrs. Carol H. Bennett
Dr. Marilyn Berman Pollans & Mr. Albert A. Pollans
†Dr. Daniel P. Boyd
Mr. Alan S. Eisen
Carolyn and Carl Fichtel
John C. Ford and Sandra Sollod Poster
†Dr. Donald W. Giffin
†Ms. Daryl B. Klonoff
†Dr. David V. Lumsden
†Dr. Dorothy G. Madden
†Mr. Carl K. Maholm
Steve & Shelley Marcus
Ms. Mary C. Massey
Mr. Jeffrey M. Menick
Bob & Terry Miller
†Ms. Dorothy E. Morris
Ms. Viola S. Musher
Dr. Gerald Perman
†Mr. Victor Rice
†Mr. Keith G. Steyer
Mrs. Marsha Oshrine Stoller
Mr. Walter C. Summer
†Francis H. Thomas & Anne W. Hurd
Mr. and Mrs. Roy R. Thomas
Mr. Leonard Topper

Individual and organizational donors

The individuals and organizations below are current donors who have provided program, scholarship or general support and/or new endowment gifts to the performing arts over the past 12 months.


$10,000 and above
Anonymous (1)
Ronald & Anne Abramson
Association of Performing Arts Presenters
Mrs. Shirley Banning
Gail Berman-Masters & Bill Masters
Ms. Laura Bryna Gudelsky Mulitz
Mr. Isadore Morton Gudelsky
†Mr. & Mrs. Jack Kay
Robert & Arlene Kogod
Dr. John W. Layman
Dr. & Mrs. Wallace Loh
†Estate of Dr. Dorothy G. Madden
†Estate of Mr. Carl K. Maholm
Dr. & Mrs. C.D. Mote, Jr.
Ms. Michelle H. Mulitz
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Mulitz
†Barb & Charlie Reiher
Nora Roberts Foundation
James & Katherine Simpson
Mrs. Clarice Smith
Ms. Michelle Smith
Robert H. Smith Family Foundation
Dr. Sam Steppel
‡Mrs. Mary Traver
Ms. Anne S.K. Turkos
†Mr. & Mrs. George Tretter
Dr. & Mrs. William B. Walters
Mrs. Dorothy G. White
Dr. Peter Wolfe
$5,000 – $9,999
Anonymous (1)
♦Ronald and Anne Abramson
Mr. Jason Aufdem-Brinke
§Dr. Peter Beicken
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bourne
Mr. & Mrs. Eirik S. Cooper
Mr. Michael Cummins & Dr. Debra Suarez
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O. Dunlap III
Carolyn & Carl Fichtel
Mr. Albert A. Folop
Mr. John C. Ford & Dr. Sandra Poster
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Hawley III
Ms. Mary Howard
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Knight
Dr. & Mrs. Willard D. Larkin
Mr. Jeffrey M. Menick
Mr. Nick Olcott
David & Heidi Onkst
†Lee & Patricia Preston
†Mr. Francis Hugh Thomas
Michael & Sandra Twigg
Mr. J.D. Williams
$2,500 – $4,999
Anonymous (1)
Ms. Deanna M. Amos
Mr. & Mrs. Keith A. Arnaud
Dr. Robert L. Bennett & Ms. Carol H. Bennett
Sam & Elizabeth Bernsen
†Mr. & Mrs. James Bersbach
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bourne
Faye F. & Sheldon S. Cohen
Michele & Roger Eastman
Ms. Susan S. Farr
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Gibson
Frances & Denny Gulick
James F. & Catherine A. Harris
Esther & Eugene Herman
Raymond LaPlaca, Esq. & Mrs. Rose LaPlaca
Mr. William R. Malone
Mr. & Mrs. William V. Meyers
Ms. Alice Mobaidin
George Moquin in memory of Kathleen Moquin
Mr. Nick Olcott
Mr. & Mrs. David M. Osnos
Elizabeth K. Raymond
Ms. Meriam Rosen
Mr. Marc Rothenberg & Ms. Ivy Baer
$1,000 – $2,499
Ms. Kelly Andrews
Ms. Cynthia L. Barnes
Dr. Henry C. Barry & Ms. Terrie Fielden-Barry
Kenneth Boulton & JoAnne Barry
†Mr. John B. Bourne
♦Richard & Sarah Bourne
Mike & Roxanne Boyle
Mr. Herbert J. Broner & Mrs. Janice Broner
Ms. Linda S. Casselberry
Drs. Salvatore & Marlene Cianci
Mr. & Mrs. John C. Cini
Ms. Eileen L. Connolly
Mr. & Mrs. James L. Cooley
Patrick & Patricia Cunniff
Mr. Scott Eichinger & Mr. Jason Lott
Mr. Julio M. Espinoza-Sokal
Steve & Marie Fetter
♦Mr. John C. Ford & Dr. Sandra Poster
Mr. Charles C. Gallagher, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. William M. Goldman
†Irv & Micki Goldstein
Ms. Gailyn Gwin & Mr. Joseph Irwin
♦James F. & Catherine A. Harris
Ms. Sallie Holder
Mr. Nathan Kotz
Kyle & Tatiana Kweder
Mr. & Mrs. Julius H. Lauderdale
Ms. Dorothy Levy
Mr. Edward J. Lewis III
Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd E. Lippert
Professor Linda Mabbs
Dr. Edward Maclary
Mr. Harvey W. Maclary
♦William R. Malone
Ms. Mary C. Massey
Dr. Marlene Mayo
♦Jeffrey Menick
Dr. William L. Montgomery
Dr. John R. Moore
Dr. & Mrs. Malcolm B. Niedner, Jr.
Ms. Deborah L. Potter
Dr. & Mrs. Aron Primack
Dr. & Mrs. Charles S. Rutherford
Mr. Robert Sherman
Mr. Thomas R. Shipley & Mr. Christopher L. Taylor
♦David Bruce Smith
Mr. Randolph R. Snell
Mr. Mike Spring
Dr. & Mrs. Donald H. Steel
†Mr. Keith G. Steyer
Ms. Karen K. Stodola
Carl & Beryl Tretter
Debby & Victor Vargas
♦Ruth Waalkes & Jeffrey Cole
Sharon (Leshner) Weintraub
Mrs. Marsha B Werner
§ Mr. J.D. Williams


$500 – $999
Anonymous (1)
Mr. John Arnold & Ms. Dorothy Reitwiesner
Mr. Wallace K. Bailey, Jr.
Mr. Vladislav Beresovsky & Ms. Julie Gershunskaya
Dr. Jeffrey Bernstein & Dr. Judith Chernoff
♦Mr. John Bourne
Mr. & Mrs. Orson Butler
Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon S. Cohen
Ms. Eileen L. Connolly
Mr. & Mrs. James L. Cooley
♦Michael Cummins & Debra Suarez
Mr. & Mrs. Edward H. David Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Dukes, Jr.
Mr. Alan S. Eisen
♦Carl & Carolyn Fichtel
Ms. Robin F. Fine-Weinberger
♦Ambassador Joseph & Alma Gildenhorn
§Ellen & Mark Goldman
Mr. Clifton Gross & Ms. Lelia Hopkins
Dr. Howard Kaplan & Mrs. Romana Laks Kaplan
Dr. H. Eleanor Kerkham
Mrs. Marjorie H. Liden
Dr. Kenneth McConnell, Jr. & Dr. Virginia Duff McConnell
Mr. William E. Morley
♦Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Mulitz
Dr. Patrick G. O’Shea
Mrs. Vivienne Y. Patton
Dr. Gerald Perman
Ms. Karel C. Petraitis
Alex Pile & Karyn Miller
Ms. Geraldine Fogel Pilzer
Mr. Charles R. Privitera
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Quayle, Jr.
Mr. Christopher M. Reiher
Mr. David Robinson-Slemp
Mr. Steven R. Ruoff
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Schwartz
♦Michelle Smith
Dr. & Mrs. Charles F. Sturtz
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Thomas
Triangle Beer Wine & Convenience, Inc. in memory of George Tretter
Mrs. Marsha B. Werner
Mr. James J. Wharton
♦Mr. J.D. Williams
Ms. Rivka M. Yerushalmi
$250 – $499
Anonymous (1)
Mr. Wallace K. Bailey Jr.
Robert S. & Katherine Pedro Beardsley
♦Robert & Carol Bennett
Walter & Mary Bradley
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Buffon
♦Marlene & Salvatore Cianci
Ms. Leslie P. Coleman
Dr. Bonnie Thornton Dill
Mr. & Mrs. Frank C. Fellows
Mrs. Miriam L. Ferrell
Britt & Liz Ferrill
♦Steve & Marie Fetter
Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. Fox
§Mr. & Mrs. Steven M. Friedman
§Ms. Miriam A. Friedman
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Fundyga
Ms. Kit Gage & Mr. Steven Metalitz
Mr. Robert C. Garner
Mrs. Joan M. Goldenberg
Dr. Patricia P. Green
Carol & Bill Gross
Dr. Theodore M. Guerrant
♦Denny & Frances Gulick
Dr. Barbara Haggh-Huglo
Mr. & Mrs. George R. Hall
Drs. Malvery & Murchison Henry
Ms. Jeri Holloway
Mr. William M. Hunt
Ms. Jennifer L. Khasilev
Mr. Richard G. King
Dr. Douglas Lawrence Kornreich
Mr. Willis T. Lansford
Mr. William M. Leach in memory of Elizabeth Ann Leach
♦Edward J. Lewis III
Mr. Henry Long
Judith Lichtenberg & David Luban
Mr. Harvey W. Maclary
Ms. Judith Martin
Ms. Michele M. McTamney
Mr. Roger Metcalf
♦Mr. & Mrs. Robert V. Miller
Dr. Linda L. Z. Moghadam
Mr. William E. Morley
Mr. Philip J. Moyer
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy M. O’Neil
Patricia & Samuel Parker, Jr.
Mr. John C. Pertino
Marguerita & Robert Phelps
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Prevar
♦Aron & Karen Primack
Dr. Bruce E. Ronkin & Ms. Janet Zipes
Ms. Joy Sakamoto-Wengel
Ms. Ellen D. Schlaefer
Ms. Louse Schutz
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Schwartz
Mr. Jonathan E. Shalvi
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Silver
Mr. Jayme A. Sokolow
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Stacy
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew M. Suchoski
Dr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Terchek
Mrs. Marcia Thomas
Ms. Margaret L. Thrasher
Mr. Charles W. Timbrell, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Tinch
Ms. Regina Tracy
§Mr. & Mrs. Michael Tree
♦Tim Van Leer
Mr. Karl A. Warner
Mr. Raymond A. White
Dr. & Mrs. Bruce D. Wilson
‡Mr. Craig M. Wright
Mrs. Gail P. Yeiser
Jack & Judy Zane
$100 – $249
Anonymous (2)
Ms. Kerin L. Ablashi & Mr. Edward Van Slyke, Jr.
Mr. Christopher C. Adler
Ms. Donna C. Aldridge
Dr. Audrey Andrist & Dr. James Stern
Mr. & Mrs. Philip E. Ardanuy
Mr. Philip A. Axelrod
Mr. Richard K. Bates
Mr. Peter Bay
Ms. Madeline Geiger Bell
Miss Mary Evelyn Bell & Mr. Richard J. Mayr
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald F. Bellamy
Mr. & Mrs. Mirl R. Bendt
Ms. Joanne H. Berens
Major Steven M. Berkowitz
§Dr. & Mrs. Joel H. Berman
Ms. Arlene S. Bernstein
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Bonomo
William K. Bortz, Esq.
Dr. Alfred C. Boyd, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Day Bradley
Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Buffon
Mr. & Mrs. Wylie W. Burgess III
Mr. & Mrs. James Vincent Case, Jr.
Ms. Doris N. Celarier
Dr. Su-Chuan Cheng
Mrs. Jennifer Cherer
Dr. Sujung Choi
Dr. Coletta Richards-Claggett & Mr. Ernest Claggett
Mr. John Clark & Ms. Ana-Steele Clark
Dr. Rose Ann Cleveland
Reverend Patrick Raymond Close
Elana & David Cohen in honor of Eugene Herman
Ms. Leslie P. Coleman
Mr. Matt Cullen
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene J. Cullinane
♦Patrick & Patricia Cunniff
Mrs. Maureen A. David
Mr. & Mrs. William F. Davidson
♦Jacqueline Davis
Ms. Linda K. Davis
Mr. Matthew S. DelNero
Mr. & Mrs. James DeSantis
Ms. Marilyn Dickie
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Dillon
Mr. & Mrs. Travis Dixon
Dr. Susan J. Doering & Dr. Dieter Wulfhorst
Mrs. Judith F. Doherty
Mr. Mark F. Doherty
Mr. & Mrs. Robert DuFresne
‡Carolyn L. Duignan & Milan Valuch
Mrs. Bette A. Eberly-Hill
Mr. William K. Espey
Mr. Joseph Fazio
Mr. James E. Felten
Mrs. Eleanor H. Fields
Mr. Robert P. Finzel
Mr. John W. Foellmer
Ms. Antoinette Ford
Ms. Huei-Tsi S. Ford
Dr. Teri J. Franks
Mr. Joel M. Friedman
Mr. Steven M. Friedman
Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. Frost
Ms. Georgiana R. Frost
Mrs. Joan M. Goldenberg
Mr. & Mrs. Mark W. Goldberg
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Gordon
Susie Gottlieb
Mrs. Sylma Gottlieb
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff E. Graf
Dr. & Mrs. Alan H. Grant
Dr. Gary A. Greene
Mr. & Mrs. William Gross
Mr. Thierry Guillemin
Mr. Richard J. Hakes
Mr. & Mrs. John H. Harbison
Dr. & Mrs. K.L. Harkavy
Ms. Florence D. Harris
Mr. & Mrs. Harry W. Haverkos
♦James & Janet Hawley
Dr. Claudia C. Hays
Ms. Linda R. Head
Dr. Robert L. Henkin
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Henry
Mr. Scott M. Herman
Mrs. Norma J. Hetrick
Sallie L. Holder
Dr. James T. Holliday
Ms. Tricia Homer & Mr. Eric Grims
Ms. Louise M. Huddleston
Mr. James H. Hutchison
Mark Allen Irwin
Ms. Sandra Jackson
Dr. Douglas A. Julin
Mr. Robert D. Katz & Ms. Stacey Shapiro Katz
Mr. Timothy Kennel & Ms. Jayne Thomas Kennel
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Kensky
Mr. & Mrs. James Bradley Kidwell
Mr. & Mrs. Martin J. Kirsch
♦Robert & Patricia Knight
Ms. Phyllis M. Knowles
Mr. David Kriebs
Mr. John A. Koskinen
Dr. Doris LaFaver & Mr. Michael LaFaver
Mr. & Mrs. David Lange
♦John Layman
Ms. Mary Marshall Levy
Ms. Andrea E. Lewis
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Lichtin
Ms. Carol C. Lobenhofer
Mr. & Mrs. Alan A. Luhring
Mrs. Liane W. Lunden
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Lupo
Ms. Elly Porter & Mr. William Mallari
§Mrs. Jane F. Mangold
Mrs. Paula A. Mank
Mr. & Mrs. William Marcin
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Mason
Dr. & Mrs. John Mather
†Dr. & Mrs. Richard L. Matteson
Ms. Ramona H. Matthews
Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. McKersie
Ms. Phaedra A. McNair
Mr. & Mrs. Frank H. Miller
Mrs. Treva E. Miller
Mr. Thomas B. Miller
Dr. & Mrs. Stanley R. Milstein
Mrs. Deepa Mohan & Mr. Krishnan Seshadri
Ms. Maria A. Montano
Ms. Robin Collins Morgan
Dr. Lawrence K. Moss
Mrs. Mary E. Moyer
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Muckler
Mr. Koji Mukai
Mr. William V.P. Newlin
Mrs. Jean C. Newsom
♦Malcolm & Dianne Niedner
Ms. Katherine R. Nieman
Mr. Philip E. Pace
Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. Painter
Ms. Jane Papish & Mr. Irwin Papish
Mr. Robert T. Park
Mr. Jack F. Patterson & Dr. Kristine K. Patterson
Ms. Cheryl Peckenpaugh
Dr. Susan G. Pelzer
Mr. & Mrs. Michael B. Pesto
Ms. Karen Kay Petersen
Mrs. Jean K. Phillips
Mr. Samuel & Dr. Karabelle Pizzigati
Ms. Marie Pogozelski
Ms. Julia A. Ponting
Mr. & Mrs. Seth B. Popkin
Ms. Kathleen M. Popper
Edward & Vivian Portner
David Roman Pozorski & Anna Maria Romanski
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Priebe
Mr. Robert C. Provine
Ms. Lilian MC Randall
Mr. & Mrs. Donald F. Reinhold, Jr.
Mr. Michael S. Resnick
Dr. David Reynolds
Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Ripley
Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Riseberg
Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Robbins
Ms. Carol Trainor Robertson
Mr. Jeffrey F. Rollins
Mr. & Mrs. James D. Rorer, Jr.
♦Marc Rothenberg & Ivy Baer
Drs. Barry & Carole Rubin
Dr. Nancy Sahli
Mrs. Barbara M. Sanders
Dr. Boden C. Sandstrom
Donna and Glenn Scimonelli
Douglas & Lisa Sessions
Dr. Sharon G. Shafer
Mr. Jonathan Shalvi
Mr. Hazzan Shamash
Mr. & Mrs. Shepard Sheinkman
Ning & Jianfei Shi
Renée A. Sicchitano
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel B. Silver
Mr. & Mrs. Benson J. Simon
Mr. & Mrs. David Bradley Smith
Professor Karen Lynn Smith
Mrs. Kelly L. Smith
Ms. Lisa M. Smith
Ms. Magen Solomon
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sparrow, Jr.
Dr. Louisa Custer Hill Spottswood
§Mr. Arnold Steinhardt & Ms. Dorothea Von Haeften
Dr. Cherie K. Stellaccio
Faith & Kurt Stern
Ms. Jennifer Stockett & Mr. Zhiqiang Zeng
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin T. Storey
Mr. & Mrs. Roland A. Swanson
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Taylor
Mr. Lawrence R. Telford IV
Mr. Steven C. Theodore
Ms. Margaret L. Thrasher
Mr. & Mrs. Mark E. Travaglini
Mr. & Mrs. Curt W. Travers
Mr. & Mrs. Alan J. Turnbull II
Mrs. Sylvia L. Valentino
Mr. Stephen E. Vincent, Jr.
Leon & Nancy-Pat Weaver
§Ms. Harriet L. Weil
Mr. Rex D. Wells
Dr. Jay G. White
R. Patrick Williams
William G. Wilson
Ms. Charisma J. Wooten
§Mr. Marcus B. Wyche
Paul & Mary Yarrish

† Deceased
§ In memory of Suzanne Beicken
‡ In memory of Paul Traver
♦ In honor of Susie Farr

Institutional Donors

Maryland State Arts Council

The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center is supported by a grant from the Maryland State Arts Council, an agency dedicated to cultivating a vibrant cultural community where the arts thrive. Funding for the Maryland State Arts Council is also provided by the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.

National Endowment for the Arts Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation New England Foundation for the Arts
Gazette Newspapers/Post Newsweek Tech MediaPodio

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Our survey software is powered by SurveyGizmo.

  • Association of Performing Arts Presenters/MetLife Foundation All-In: Re-imagining Community Participation Grant Program
  • Fox Ventures LLC
  • The MARPAT Foundation
  • Maryland Humanities Council
  • The Presser Foundation
  • Prince George’s Arts and Humanities Council
  • The Stringer Foundation
  • The Williams Companies, Inc.
  • Woman’s Club of Chevy Chase Maryland

Employer matching gifts can double the impact of your gift.

Our thanks to the following companies for their recent matching gift contributions.

  • Bank of America Charitable Foundation
  • BASF Corporation
  • Boeing Corporation
  • Chevron Matching Gift Program
  • Global Impact
  • Harris Foundation
  • IBM Corporation
  • Lockheed Martin Foundation
  • Verizon Foundation

The Clarice Smith Center gratefully acknowledges the initial funding support provided by The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission and appreciates its partnership with Prince George's County and the Department of Parks and Recreation.

The Clarice Smith Center values every gift received, however we regret that space does not allow us to list every donor. For information on ways to give, click here or call Scott Eichinger at 301.405.5550.

To notify us of any necessary corrections, please contact Renee Sicchitano at 301.405.5375. Thank you.

Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center Leadership Council

The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center Leadership Council is a non-governing group of arts advocates formed to help raise awareness and contributed revenue for the Center.

  • Shelley Mulitz, Chair
  • John Charles Ford
  • Karen A. Meyers
  • Patsy Mote
  • Steven H. Oram
  • Michelle Smith
  • Clarice Smith, Honorary Chair