UMD Women's Chorus & UMD Men's Chorus: Kaleidoscope

UMD Women's Chorus
UMD Men's Chorus

Kaleidoscope: Choral Music Across Cultures
Sunday, November 15, 2015 . 3PM
UMD Women's Chorus photo by Alison Harbaugh
Principal People: 

Conductor Kenneth Elpus

Conductor Greg Graf

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UMD’s ever-popular Women’s Chorus and Men’s Chorus perform stirring arrangements from different corners of the world as they prepare for their spring tours to New England and the Midwest.

Visiting such music as that of Bulgaria, Latvia, Haiti, and Ireland, these dynamic ensembles take you on a cross‐cultural voyage filled with haunting folklore and unparalleled harmony through the music of Hatfield, Brahms, Guillaume, Lyondev, Mechem and Schubert.